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How Wolfpack has transformed
Annette's business and life

I’ve known Annette for over four years. During that time she has always been first in line to attend any new course or program I’ve created.

I am humbled and thankful for Annette because you see, it’s the clients and students like Annette that encourage me to think bigger and to believe in myself. Without them, their hard work and effort, without seeing them get results, I may have given up.


Unlock The Potential To Give More Value To Your Clients AND Be Rewarded For It

We get it.

You become a personal trainer because you love training, coaching and helping people transform their bodies. You didn’t get into this industry for a love of sales.

In fact, you may even find the thought of sales absolutely terrifying. But once you created your personal training business, you realized that sales were unavoidable.


The Right Marketing Is The Key That Unlocks The Doors To The Right Clients

Most trainers are happy if they become ‘fully booked’ which is something that average marketing can help you achieve. However, it’s GREAT marketing will get you ‘fully booked’ with ONLY the clients you actually want to coach and enjoy training.

Marketing is a key area in any business that needs to be activity worked on, yet so many business’ simply don’t understand the difference between ‘marketing’ and “their market’.

The way you will learn marketing in Wolfpack will change the way you look at business PERIOD.


Don’t Be That Trainer That the Other Trainers Laugh At

As Trainers, 90% of what we do is Training!

So shouldn’t we all be staying ahead of the curve?

Unfortunately, many trainers will complete their basic certificates or do a couple of courses, or worse, compete in a bodybuilding or powerlifting comp and think they know everything there is to know about training. To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail. If you box your thinking into one modality as a trainer; you will begin to see all your clients as what you have chosen to identify yourself with.


The Truth About What Your Clients Think About Supplements

Your clients will ask you questions about supplements.

Do you know the right answers?

The world of supplements can be confusing. So allow us to simplify it for you. Supplements are a lot more than just protein powders and fat burner pills.

In fact, personal trainers who are in the know will assess a client’s sleep, digestion, recovery, energy levels and concentration. From here they will understand that the correct supplementation protocols can help to support a client’s health and wellbeing.


How To Navigate an Nutritional Minefield as a Trainer

For Trainers, nutrition is an enormous topic. From how much guidance a trainer can give, to what kind of advice should they actually give. From general clients, to comp prep clients, to athletes.

There is so much to know and so much to be confused about.

On one hand; your clients are paying you to train them. And on the other hand, if you don’t at least have the ‘nutrition chat’, the likelihood of your clients getting head turning results that builds your reputation as a trainer is a snow balls chance in hell!


The X Factor. No, Like Seriously, This is Marks X Factor!

Have you ever met someone who almost bonks you on the head and punches you in the face with their words?

Makes you reevaluate life?
What your doing?
Where you’re going?
And why?

As someone who’s worked for Mark for almost three years, I’ve seen him breakdown, inspire and rewire people’s brains for excellence. He has a gift. He would say, it’s part of his purpose for being on the planet.


Luke Riley

Wolfpack Class of 2019

François Preece

Wolfpack Class of 2019

Allan Meilak

Co-Founder of BusiFit

Moy Outhavong

Wolfpack Class of 2019

Cameron Bell

Wolfpack Class of 2019

Egwin Tan

Co-Founder of BusiFit


In 1943, a psychologist called Abraham Maslow wrote a journal article called “A Theory of Human Motivation” and in it, set out the hierarchy of human needs. The basic need for a person is food, water and air. I apply the same reasoning to business. The basic need for a business is to produce a profit after expenses are deducted from income. But once the business can achieve that, there are higher goals to achieve; goals which are beyond mere survival and are looking outward to others, rather than inward to self-interest.

My business is at that point.

Mission statements can be wanky. So I won’t call this a mission statement. But these are my purposes and the reasons that I am doing what I doing.

To raise the standard of Personal Trainers across Australia and the world.

I want trainers to be respected. I want personal training to be seen as a profession rather than a ‘Cert IV in Wasting Time at a Gym and Charging for the Privilege’ from ‘Generic Money Making RTO’. I don’t have any interest in the cowboy or cowgirl trainers who want to work in-between ‘real’ career choices. I want it to be impossible for bad trainers to exist because the gap between ‘us’ and ‘them’ is so large that consumers and clients realise what it means to be a real personal trainer and not some Ken or Barbie whose doing it for their own vanity.

I have a client (and friend) who is a pretty well-known lawyer. When we were training a while back, I asked him what he thought the difference was between the profession of law, and the “profession” of personal training. He said that this was something that had been considered by judges and that there were some key attributes of a profession. Those were:

  • Dedication to serving clients before self.
  • Dedication to serving the public and improving the profession.
  • Devotion to honesty, integrity, and good character.
  • Passion for excellence.
  • Practice in context.
  • Maintenance of competence in a specialised body of knowledge and skills, which are freely shared with other professionals.
  • Independence and self-regulation.

I want trainers to strive for the same attributes as the above. I want to take back the meaning of the word “Personal Trainer” so it can be said with pride and respect.

Yours in Health and Wisdom,

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